What's Going On with Statute of Limitations in TN

Mission Statement: We promote judicial and institutional change for child sexual abuse victims and survivors while spreading awareness about laws in the United States. We pursue justice for the silenced and still suffering, and combine recovery resources for reference!



 June 9, 2016 Bill Signed into Law by Governor Haslam with pictures and everything ~ INCREDIBLE RIDE!!!

April 7, 2016 Signed into Law by Governor Haslam. Next trip, bill signing. AMAZING LIFE ACHIEVEMENT!!!

 March 21, 2016 Passes Senate Ayes 32 Nays 0 to committee during SB 2484 hearing. WOW!!!

 March 1, 2016 Passes Senate Judiciary Committe Ayes 9 Nays 0 ~ Spoke to committee during SB 2484 hearing. How about nervous?

 February 29, 2016 HB 2593 PASSES on third consideration in House of Representatives at TN state legislature Ayes 90 Nays 0

 July 1, 2015 SB0373 Extends criminal statute of limitations in TN from 10 years to 25 years from age 18.

 March 3, 2015 Commitment made with Representative Darren Jernigan to carry my bill. HUGELY successful trip.


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TN Housse Passes HB 2593

HB 2593 My Bill Passes TN House Floor!

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  MY Bill HB 2593 becomes TN LAW - annoucnced by WGNS Radio

Scott Walker says he was raped at a young age. Now he wants to change law to help other victims. (WSMV)

Mar 21, 2016 Radio personality calls to-extend-SOLs-for-child-rape-victims


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